Monday, October 3, 2016

MTC~ September 14, 2016

Hey Everyone,                                                                                                                                             
I have been here a week!!!!! Can you believe it!!! This week has been amazing, I have learned so much and I  LOVE THE MTC!!!!!! I love my companion, her name is Sister Duvalois, she has blonde hair and we are so much alike. She has a great personality and most of the time we are laughing our butts off!  I have 3 others girl in my room counting my companion and 3 of us are going to the Texas Houston South Mission!!!!! how crazy.

   The food is pretty good, it depends on the day. The first day we were here we taught an investigator as a giant group it was amazing. I thought it was great how they just made us get right into it. The next day we taught our teacher who was a pretend investigator.  We taught him the power of prayer and he didn't want to pray though.

   One of the sisters in my room didn't have a companion for two days and so we were a trio but after two days a sister from the Mexico MTC changed to English speaking and I am so glad she did because she is an amazing person, her name is Sister Astle. She has a spirit about her that you always want to be around her. The Lord knew she needed to be here. 

   The MTC offers tutors and I got one so that I can better understand what I am learning and how I can teach.  It’s helping me so much in reading and in note taking. Which I know will be beneficial when I am teaching the gospel.

   We went to a devotional on Sunday and Elder Ballard talked to us about being like Christ. A quote he said was "Look at today as a great day because you are serving the Lord"!!!! We also had Elder Cook speak to us yesterday and he said that when we come home we have to bring a convert home and that's ourselves.  Another thing he said was that when they sometime choose where you are going they base your call on your mission president. How great is that! 

Yesterday we taught a real investigator and we were trying to teach her about repentance and we were telling her about the commandments and I let her see my preach gospel book (because that's the only place I could think to look) and she turned to the page of the law of Chastity and now next time we teach that's what we are teaching on, how funnnn!!!!

For Shari Beck I did find Cynthia and I gave her a big hug from you. I actually got to say goodbye to her the day before she left. 

Love, Sister Wilkinson

Mission Call Opening

I got my mission call!

Dear Sister Wilkinson, 
You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. You are assigned to labor in the Texas Houston South Mission.